F*CK ELON: Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert To Host a Bitcoin Maximalist Party

F*CK ELON: Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert To Host a Bitcoin Maximalist Party

“Let fury have the hour, anger can be power. Do you know that you can use it?” — The Clash

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert (Keiser Report, Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation, Orange Pill Podcast) will rage against the clampdown, live from the Spider House in Austin Texas on 8 July.

“Bitcoin is eating the world. It’s time to party. I’m pumped,” said Keiser, hot off his viral performance at Bitcoin 2021.

“We punch up!” said Herbert.

“Fuck Elon! We’re bored of the FUD and the shitcoins. Elon and other fiat billionaires need to learn that you don’t fix Bitcoin, Bitcoin fixes you. We’ve seen it all since Bitcoin was $1. Fuck those working for the clampdown! Bitcoin is freedom. Bitcoin is relentless optimism,” added Herbert.

From the funky depths of the Canadian West, Stickybuds will also be breaking out of the northern gulags and heading south to get the party going.

Renowned for his skills on both the turntables and in the studio, Stickybuds has become one of Western Canada’s finest exports, performing live in over 25 countries and growing. His ever-impressive list of touring accolades includes acclaimed venues and festivals such as Burning Man, Shambhala, Envision, “We Love Space” Ibiza, Boomtown, and Glastonbury Festival.


The Bitcoin Reckoning

While the billionaires and their kleptocratic cronies have been pushing back on freedom-enabling Bitcoin, a reckoning is coming that Keiser and Herbert have been reporting on for years.

“Bitcoin’s rules – the consensus-protocol algorithm that runs Bitcoin’s global monetary network- exist outside the current banking system and requires no state to legitimize its existence,” Keiser said.

“El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender and this is the forcing the world to play by Bitcoin’s rules. This is the game theory baked into the protocol.”

“Countries like El Salvador are realizing they can challenge the IMF and the global banking cartel and achieve monetary sovereignty with this new global, decentralized monetary network that encrypts and secures private property without needing a bank or the permission of any state,” added Herbert.

Bitcoin Magazine will be joining the show as the exclusive media sponsor, facilitating a live stream of the show and giving away four tickets to Bitcoin 2022.


Join Max and Stacy in Austin, Texas to kick off a tour of rage, comedy, insight, and celebration.

Max and Stacy will be joined by Stickybuds and other special guests with the first-come-first-serve BBQ. So get your elbows out and prepare to get hot and sticky in Austin.

8 July, 5 pm till late at Spider House, Austin, TX.

Grab a ticket now here.

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