Google for Blockchains: Unmarshal Launches a Multi-Chain Blockchain Explorer

Imagine relating the ease of searching for information on the world wide web using Google with the blockchain; Unmarshal has launched, the Google for blockchain networks. The multi-chain DeFi data indexing network releases Xscan, a multi-chain explorer with support for Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

With zero technical experience requirement, anyone can simply insert blockchain transaction information like transaction hash or address or even an ENS and helps decode the information without any hassle. As the average internet user uses Google to search for information on any topic of interest, DeFi users comprising dApp developers, investors, or even exchange owners can use Xscan to fetch data like token balances, decoded transaction history, and even transaction history from the booming NFT sectors.

No doubt some similar tools like explorer, Etherscan and BSCscan exists; in the case of’s explorer exist, anyone that needs to use these tools will still need to select their blockchain preference which focuses mainly on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum, while Etherscan and BSCscan only support a single network.

With heightened interest in decentralized finance products, there’s a need to match that interest with easy-to-use solutions catering to a broader spectrum of users. Xscan’s UI is designed to be leaner with visual cues to help improve visibility across assets and transactions compared with similar tools like Etherscan or BSCscan.

A member from the Unmarshal team was happy to comment and give a further update on this achievement, saying;

“The current version is still a working prototype, and there will be significant improvements in the upcoming versions.”

And to help minimize or detect early bugs that could be catastrophic and nip it in the bud, the team member hinted at an upcoming “Bug Bounty” where participants will be incentivized for their contributions. The program will also use feedback to improve Xscan’s UI further.

Unmarshal continues to prove its mettle as the go-to DeFi data network for querying blockchains with relentless exciting partnership announcements and real-use case products.


Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

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