How NFTs are boosting efforts to save endangered Rhinos

Last week saw Saving the Survivors, the Lady Rocket Foundation, and Copernic Space announce their launch of the Satellite Rhino non-fungible token (NFT) series to help finance the organization’s needs to better rescue Rhinos from poaching.

The organization, which directs many of its efforts to help sustain the dwindling population of rhinos around South Africa, believes that the use of newer technologies could vastly improve their ability to save animals in need.

In particular, the use of satellite imagery and tracking technologies could prove to be a groundbreaking step that innovates the processes behind saving the rhino population.

This is one of the reasons why Saving the Survivors teamed up with the Lady Rocket Foundation and Copernic Space to use space as the means for better solving needs on earth by applying the new models cryptocurrency provides.

Crypto, NFTs, and Rhinos

Having already launched the first Space Art NFT Exhibition, Lady Rocket and her Foundation leverage technology to bring more accessibility and funding towards the deep belief that we shouldn’t view the space market as just a technological race, but rather as the means to improve our world, fight the problems created by poachers or climate change, and tackle the various challenges faced on Earth.

The Foundation’s mission is to improve access to space by applying innovative initiatives and cryptocurrencies to use its many possibilities to build a better world.

“As a 3rd generation aerospace entrepreneur, I am compelled and committed to create and drive new ventures and initiatives which will transform Space into the most rewarding human endeavor yet, while also offering solutions to challenges and tragedies taking place on Earth right now. Our Lady Rocket Foundation team has been working hard on impactful initiatives,” said Lady Rocket, Co-Founder of the Lady Rocket Foundation in a statement.

How do they do it?

The blockchain-based platform that’s applying NFTs to such things as payload space and satellite data licenses, Copernic Space looks to not only allow space assets to be more easily accessible acquirable by the global market and public but provide a place for individuals across the world.

This allows it to financially support space-related causes and acquire what they call alternative space assets such as this Saving the Survivors “Satellite Rhino” NFT series.

Continued work with Saving the Survivors, the Lady Rocket Foundation, and their many space partners on this mission will allow the global public to own these alternative space assets while financing the development of the world’s first Wildlife Recovery and Rehabilitation Hospital in Africa and the advancement of a parallel space venture.

Copernic Space will continue supporting such missions by building a modern marketplace that will facilitate the processes behind the space asset market and allow financial backing of related ventures such as Saving the Survivors.

“We invest a good amount into humanitarian Space initiatives that combine crypto models as we are a blockchain-based platform,” said Grant Blaisdell, CEO of Copernic Space, in the regard.

He added:

“Our collaboration with Saving The Survivors and Lady Rocket Foundation for the “Satellite Rhino” NFT series is a step towards changing the dynamic on how space-related initiatives finance their missions.”

To support this cause an NFT artwork was created by the artist Sam Price. It is currently available for bidding, with part of the profits donated to Saving the Survivors and the development of the world’s first Wildlife Recovery and Rehabilitation Hospital in Africa.

But buyers will also directly support the development of a space venture whose future mission is to support space companies and space missions alike. Copernic Space hopes to help further develop this mission and build up the space ecosystem whilst better using space assets for benefits on earth and grow the global community of individuals actively participating in the space economy.

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