Bitcoin Treasure Hunt Will be Launched by ONFO

Excitement, learning, and the opportunity to get rich will be combined in one campaign. With ONFO project starting to show educational videos about cryptocurrencies, millions of people will have access to information about the intricacies of this market. Its official YouTube channel will be filled with ten crypto videos. But equally important, any viewer will have the chance to win 1 bitcoin. The private key to the wallet is hidden in the videos. The hunt is on.

Despite the high level of hype in society, few people have a fundamental understanding of digital assets. That’s why the educational videos on the channel are designed to provide viewers with an understanding of cryptocurrencies. And the treasure hunt will be somewhat analogous to what it is like to “mine” a bitcoin by figuring out how to find a hidden key that unlocks the bitcoin.

Digital assets have long been an indispensable part of a successful investment portfolio. To understand their underlying potential, the founders of the ONFO project have created an opportunity for users to get closer to the digital economy of the future. The global public is pointing precisely to the vector of development through the processes of digital transformation and transition to decentralized Web 3.0.

The inevitability of such processes remains beyond doubt. However, the speed of such transformation can be increased by raising public awareness. The attraction of new users to the industry has positive consequences for the global economy.

The personalities who pioneered the crypto industry can be counted on one hand. Dr. J.R. Forsyth can definitely be found among them. This expert is ready to share his knowledge in the field of digital assets through videos on ONFO channel.

Whoever owns the information, owns the world. And when a top cryptocurrency specialist is ready to give such valuable advice, it is worth taking advantage of it.  Especially because the ONFO project is a driving force for the entire industry. It is a social network mining decentralized cryptocurrency platform.

“I will be talking about Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, in the video docu-series. Each segment is relatively short. In these new videos, there will be a Bitcoin private key hidden somewhere “in plain sight”. That private key will unlock 1 whole Bitcoin that will go to the first person who discovers the key. It is a bit of a treasure hunt. The series will be released one by one on YouTube. I am the only person on the planet that knows where the private key is hidden and I will die with the secret if I have to,” as Dr. Forsyth commented on the announcement.

It’s safe to say that viewers will be able to experience the first of ten episodes featuring Dr. Forsyth on June 25, 2021. The next videos will be released on a periodic basis. It is expected that the presenter from the first minutes will begin to reveal the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market.

editorial staff