SafeEarth Announces Over $200k in Charity Donations this Year

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25th June 2021, London, England Users of SafeEarth can enjoy the benefits offered by DeFi whilst preserving the delicate balance of the world. Today, the project announces it has successfully issued donations in excess of $200,000 to various user-selected charities and projects that range from cleaning the ocean to enabling access to healthcare and education for children. A staggering amount of positive feedback and goodwill has allowed this company to thrive at what it does best. Helping those who need an extra boost. Without the donations made by SafeEarth, these organizations might not have been able to continue carrying out the good work that they do. Within weeks of launch, SafeEarth has done more on this planet than most. And this is just the start. With the ways things are going, the next year is going to give a push that a lot of these charitable funds need. And you get to choose! Where else do you get to influence such an important distribution of funds and when was the last time you got a say in something like this?

Healing the World through Blockchain

In a span of a few months, SafeEarth has enabled thousands of people from all over the world to help play a crucial role in helping humanity and the world. SafeEarth has been handing out donations in the form of ETH, with a contract address publicly displayed. Using the concise data recording and immutability, SafeEarth allows all donors to view their donations on the blockchain which are then sent to listed charity organizations in a transparent manner.

People can also become a part of SafeEarth via the native deflationary SafeEarth token. Through this token, each holder is given the chance to vote on upcoming charitable incentives, and the charity with the most votes is added to the ever-increasing list. The current charitable organizations supported by Safe Earth include:

  • The Ocean Cleanup: A not for profit that aims to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and reduce the chances of more plastic waste entering the oceans by capturing them from rivers globally.
  • Amazon Watch: With one-third of the earth’s vegetation in South America, the Amazon rainforest is being devastated for its resources and make way for human expansion. Amazon Watch intends to protect the plants and animal species indigenous to the jungle.
  • Save the Children: The century-old movement protects children rights and offers the underprivileged a chance at a better life.
  • Charity Water: Bringing fresh water to people across all continents, Charity Water has installed more than 64,000 freshwater projects for communities worldwide
  • The Water Project: Clean and drinkable water is a precious and often inaccessible resource in sub-Saharan Africa. The Water Project offers financial support and training to people to build their own water supply and purification systems.

SafeEarth – Commitment to Vision & 60 ETH Donation

Cryptocurrencies and their impact on the climate is a hot topic these days, with Elon Musk recently dropping BTC payments for Teslas due to the environmental impact. While crypto community leaders decide on how to make their respective blockchains eco friendly, SafeEarth uses a novel solution to fund different projects that help towards the betterment of mankind.

Each charity has been selected carefully to reflect the mission of SafeEarth and all are working towards protecting the environment, helping the future generations who will inherit the planet and bringing fresh water and support to all. An additional donation of 60 ETH is slated for the near future to charities, so the giving doesn’t stop here.

Thanks to all the hard work of the users they are proud to announce that their next donation of 60 ETH, a portion will go towards Sungai Watch which is dedicated to cleaning up the mangrove in Indonesia. This entails 2 ‘floaters’ to catch waste polluting the remarkable area, plus 3 dedicated days of mangrove cleanups. With this alone, there will be a significant and immediate impact to this unique natural habitat and the floaters will remain to ensure it stays that way for the foreseeable future.

Stay tuned for photos and videos from the cleanups and just to see the tremendous work that Sungai Watch is putting into rehabilitating this place thanks to the donations which have been made on behalf of the token holders.

Bitmart Listing & Charity Application

SafeEarth holders can already swap the tokens using ETH’s UniSwap. The token has also recently gained a listing on BitMart on June 11th. With BitMart, it will be easier for the public to acquire SafeEarth and play their role protecting the earth. Token holders will also enjoy the benefits of passive income as 1% of the SafeEarth transaction fee is distributed among token holders.

SafeEarth has also announced its intentions to become a registered charitable organization in the UK, which will allow greater alignment with their goals, and pave the path for increased adoption of SafeEarth and help charitable efforts continue well on into the future. Once registered, the assets they possess can only be used in the pursuit of more charitable purposes. By giving grants to charities with their existing channels and resources, it is a surefire way to ensure the donations get spent in the best ways possible. This is one small step for the environment and one giant leap to prove their dedication to the cause.

Other updates stated for Q3 include staking and mining, more listings on mainstream crypto exchanges and further development to expand the SafeEarth ecosystem.

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