Moma Protocol IDO and IEO Kicks Off Soon in Bid to Bring Long-Tail Asset Liquidity to DeFi

Most enthusiasts will agree that decentralized finance in its current form has severe limitations.  Catering to the needs of users outside of the cryptocurrency world remains a harrowing ordeal. Moma protocol aims to change that narrative for the better through customizable Lending Pools.

Solving The DeFi Inefficiencies

Even though the first generation of DeFi protocols and services has proven to be successful, more work is to be done. Catering to the needs of existing digital asset holders is fine and dandy, but it will not help mainstream adoption in the slightest. Therefore, it is pertinent to look outside of the existing realm of digital assets and explore opportunities that can cater to the needs of companies and institutions, among other target groups.

One way of doing that is by tapping into potential liquidity through long-tail assets. A long-tail asset often has a limited circulating supply and a low trading volume for those unfamiliar with the concept. However, these assets – and their associated ideas and technologies – can prove valuable to many people. There are hundreds, if not thousands of long-tail assets waiting for a second lease on life in the cryptocurrency space alone.

Outside of cryptocurrency, there has been a growing focus on long-tail assets. Many companies and organizations leverage these assets for profit-related purposes. Bringing them into the DeFi fold can unlock many interesting use cases, assuming the technology is there to facilitate it. Moma Protocol comes in at this stage, as their smart contract Factory allows clients to create fully customizable Lending Pools. With customizable pools, there is a chance the DeFi ecosystem will benefit from infinite liquidity in the coming years.

A solution on this scale can prove beneficial to many people, including current and future DeFi projects, long-tail asset holders, and asset management institutions. In addition, as Pool builders will earn revenue from the interest generated by these lending pools, there is an incentive to explore all of the possible options. More liquidity and digital assets will benefit the broader industry. With strong B2B relationships, technical experience, and strong tokenomics, Moma Protocol can become a significant project in the world of decentralized finance.

Dual IDO and IEO Approach By Moma Protocol

To enhance the appeal and accessibility of what this protocol aims to achieve, the team wants to get the native token into as many hands as possible. So even though the company has secured multiple millions in funding through its seed, private, and strategic rounds, that is only the first step. Notable investors in this project include SevenX Ventures, DFG Capital, MXC, AU21, Consensus Capital, and many others.

As part of its tokenomics plan, Moma Protocol will host an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on the WeStarter and Bounce platforms later today. Bounce requires users to get whitelisted, so there is still a bit of time left to complete that process. As things kick off at 11 AM UTC, time will be of the essence for interested parties. Moreover, there will be an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Hotbit at that time, giving potential investors many ways of acquiring the Moma Protocol token.

Moma Protocol’s assets will receive multiple trading pairs across different exchanges once the token sale concludes across these three platforms. Additionally, trading support will be unlocked on MDEX, MXC, Hotbit, and Unsiwap starting at 1 PM UTC.


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