STASIS and Free TON DeFi Alliance Partners to Boost the Development of Free TON DeFi Ecosystem

STASIS and Free TON DeFi Alliance Partners to Boost the Development of Free TON DeFi Ecosystem

Free TON, a decentralized proof of stake blockchain powered by its community and STASIS, a EU compliant EURS stablecoin project, partnered to make DeFi more functional and affordable for everyone.

The STASIS team will be deploying their protocol to the Free TON ecosystem, so that their stablecoin EURS can be minted natively on Free TON.

This partnership will be implemented in two stages:

  1. Farming: Addition of EURS-WTON pair to native Free TON DEX –, developed by Broxus, a multi-level turnkey platform for crypto exchanges, e-commerce, trading platforms. Sound TON rewards will be applied to users, providing liquidity to that pool.
  2. EURS deployment on Free TON: porting EURS smart-contract to Free TON, so that users can natively receive EURS on Free TON in exchange of their EUR.

The partnership will allow users both from Free TON and STASIS EURS ecosystems to access highly scalable, stable, and on-chain money with low transaction costs and high TPS.

“I am thrilled to see such astonishing projects as STASIS joining the FreeTON community. Together, we will bring the Free TON DeFi ecosystem to a new height! – says Vladislav Ponomarev, CEO of Broxus.

“We are excited to partner with Free TON, the fastest blockchain, which allows everyone to easily enter the DeFI ecosystem”, – says Gregory Klumov, founder of STASIS.

About Free TON

Free TON is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain, which is capable of handling millions of transactions per second and is on a mission to drive wide adoption of decentralized solutions by millions of users. Unique features of Free TON include infinite sharding paradigm, instant hypercube routing, proof-of-stake mechanics to validate new blocks, ability to configure network parameters by voting, and more.


STASIS is a revolutionary step towards combining the vast potential of the cryptocurrency market with the stability and reliability of traditional currencies. STASIS is backed up by a team of cryptocurrency pioneers, quantitative experts, serial entrepreneurs and financial professionals that provide the synergetic background to stable coin platforms.

About TON Swap

TON Swap operates liquidity pools represented by separate smart contracts. Unlike Ethereum contracts, Free TON contracts are distributed and benefit from the infinite sharding mechanism. As a result, transaction gas fees are several orders lower than average and do not depend on the network workload. Anyone who contributes to those pools with their liquidity are eligible to participate in the yield farming program by the Free TON DeFi Alliance.

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