Moon Rabbit Longevity DAO Is Officially Launched

Moon Rabbit Longevity DAO Is Officially Launched

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Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu, an integrated crypto-meritocratic techno-conglomerate seeking to help humans attain longevity is proud to announce that longevity DAO is officially launched at Ritossa 15th Global Family Office Investment Summit, which was held on June 30th – July 2nd 2021 in Monaco.

Since longevity DAO was introduced, Moon Rabbit has collaborated with the world’s leading intellectuals aiming to achieve longevity and healthy life for humanity with their focus on radical aging prevention and radical aging therapy.


Launching longevity DAO at Ritossa Family Office Summit is a great honor for the entire Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu conglomerate. Being among the large numbers of speakers and guests of honor invited for the 15th anniversary Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit, Angel Versetti, the founder of the Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu and the brain behind the longevity DAO hosted the tenth interactive table which had the theme “Merging the two transformational mega-trends of the 10s (crypto) and the 20s (longevity) in the quest for transnational techno-sovereignty and immortality”, “Crypto + longevity = Moon Rabbit/ upon the ashes of the world” was discussed.

The Ritossa family office with the collaboration of different ultra-elite private investors, prominent business owners, Royal family members, Sheikhs, and financial families from all over the world organized the conference. It was a private forum which was to ensure a peer-to-peer discussion and networking majorly on investing.

This landmark was possible because Moon Rabbit was able:

  • Cooperate with other leading corporations they share the same vision with; discovering the secret to longevity and also enhance healthy living.
  • Collaborate with great thinkers from all around the world to discuss the benefits of crypto investment.

About Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu

Moon Rabbit is an integrated tech conglomerate based in Monaco with Angel Versetti as the leader. Angel Versetti also a crypto wannabe Axelrod always dreamt of immortality since childhood which made him establish Moon Rabbit. Its core mission of discovering longevity is built upon radical aging therapy & genomics, cryptographic distributed systems. Angel Versetti, a serial investor and entrepreneur has been investing in Bitcoin since 0.1.0. He is also under the 30 under 30 entrepreneurs on the Forbes list. He has invested in Dogecoin ($89b), Ambrosus ($650m), Syscoin ($520m), BAT ($2.2b), UMA ($2b), Numeraire ($450m).

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