MEHH Coin With POW Moving Towards Eco-Friendly Blockchain

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With Proof of Work (POW), crypto is becoming a hot topic for discussion around the world. The crypto investors, developers, and validators are constantly worried about the carbon footprint mining activities. This has largely increased in demand for ‘Eco-Friendly’ cryptocurrencies making a positive effect on the environment.

In response to the demand for energy-efficient cryptocurrency, MEHH Coin is moving it blockchain to POW making the functionality more scalable and sustainable than its predecessor. It is a radical attempt to replace the flawed system with a proven and workable solution.

Born out of in-depth research and planning, the founder, Orton Emmanuel believes that its infrastructure has the power to revolutionize trade by introducing a robust network that businesses can use for secure transactions.

In the current scenario, MEHH Coin has the potential to stand against the three main issues raised, which are high carbon footprint, slow transactions and high transaction fee

MEHH Coin runs on the MEHH network which is developed on a decentralized Ethereum Blockchain Technology. Anyone can utilize MEHH for multiple contracts and capabilities, making it a seamless process for banking transactions. We launched the Coin with an aim to become the largest cryptocurrency, which has a market capitalization of $1,619,881.00 as of 2 July 2021.

In the next coming years, we expect MEHH to collaborate with merchants and developers to deliver innovative, reliable solutions transforming the digital payment industry.

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