Jackson, Tennessee Looking into Adding BTC Payments for Taxes, Said the Mayor

Jackson, Tennessee, could soon implement BTC for property tax payments, according to the city’s mayor – Scott Conger. He made this statement shortly after bashing the US government for the unnecessary high inflation rates across the entire country.

  • Scott Conger, the mayor of Jackson, Tennessee, since 2019, took it to Twitter to indicate that the local blockchain task force is looking into how the city “can start property tax payments in bitcoin.”
  • Furthermore, he indicated that employees might be allowed to start purchasing BTC through the popular accumulation strategy – dollar-cost averaging. As previously reported, DCA enables investors to average their entry price without attempting to time the market.
  • Shortly before this, the mayor, who recently changed his Twitter profile picture with the BTC-oriented laser eyes, criticized the federal government because “every year our dollar is worth less.” Interestingly, he highlighted one particular solution for the enhanced inflation – Bitcoin.

  • Conger, who is the third person in his family to occupy the role of a mayor, has supported the primary cryptocurrency for a while, as he explained in a recent interview.
  • He indicated that his interest in the asset had grown exponentially in the past few months, especially when considering the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial turbulence.
  • With that, Conger has joined the growing number of US mayors with favorable approaches towards bitcoin.
  • Perhaps Miami’s leader – Frances Suarez – is at the forefront as a hodler of BTC and ETH. He also spoke at the largest Bitcoin conference, which coincidently (or not) took place in Miami, and urged miners to relocate to his city.
  • Additionally, the newly-elected mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, joined the bandwagon by promising to turn NYC into “the center of bitcoins.”

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