Is This the Token That Can Change Africa’s Future? A Look Into the XTEMCoin

TE Markets, a multi-faceted firm geared towards changing the future of Africa for the better has launched an ICO for its XTEMCoin. But is it really going to do what it claims? Let’s have a look at the coin and what it offers.

Not Just Another Coin

The world has been gripped in crypto fever for some years now. From an obscure techno fad to a full-blown economical and financial revolution, digital tokens have shaken the very foundation of traditional monies. The popularity has risen to an unprecedented level in Africa and today, there are thousands of coins circulating in the market. Within this sea, the XTEMCoin differentiates itself by not being just another token, but the token.

The coin is being used in several different aspects, the foremost being the African Consolidated Exchange (ACEX) where it will represent different financial instruments and therefore, have actual value. Not only that, but the token will also be used in other TE Markets ventures, as explained by the CEO, Ian Mvula,

“Unlike other coins, XTEMCoin is not just going to be a naked cryptocurrency but rather will have real intrinsic value as it will be synthetically indexed to defined commodities exchanges, Indices, Stocks, Forex Cryptocurrencies and also enjoy the full credit and might of T.E Markets Limited and its various projects.”

XTEMCoin Use Cases

The XTEMCoin is not an isolated token by TE Markets, but it ties into the multiple businesses that the company represents:

  • ACEX

The one-stop exchange being built by TE Markets will be a pan African and multi-asset platform that will allow people to buy and sell stocks, ETFs, bonds, forex, cryptos and commodities. The XTEMCoin will be used to create a single base asset so that different monies and limited liquidity can be avoided once and for all.

  • Red Planet

A mineral and resource mining firm of TE Markets, it has already made great advances in deals with a few African nations. Staking XTEMCoin in Red Planet will give investors the ability to earn profits just like dividends.

  • TE Properties

Real estate is a high-profit market but it requires some careful investing. TE Properties is a professional firm that people can tap into through XTEMCoin and enjoy higher profit margins yet benefit from tax-efficient investments.

  • TE Capital

SMEs have always been high flyers but short on cash. TE Capital is a VC firm that invests in different organizations and startups that can revolutionize the industry. Backed by the deflationary XTEMCoin, TE Capital can fund these and XTEMCoin holders can enjoy the super growth profits.

  • TE Payment Gateway

Africa has one of the highest fees for fiat remittance and this is where the TPGS comes in to offer a streamlined, efficient method to send money back to loved ones in Africa. It is collaborating with various merchants to expand the reach of XTEMCoin to every corner of the continent.

  • TE Micro Funding

Leveraging the power of XTEMCoin as a cryptocurrency, TE Mirco Funding will partner with various micro banking services to offer low-income people a chance to start their own businesses and achieve financial freedom.

Agent of Change

Africa’s economy is on the recovery with estimates of a 3.1% GDP growth. The continent is an untapped potential of riches and these can only be realized if an efficient system exists outside the political and bureaucratic system. Fortunately, the XTEMCoin is just the right answer.

Based on the efficient and fast Binance Smart Chain, the deflationary token also leverages DeFi and offers different staking services and a fees distribution of ACEX, offering higher profits and at the same time unifying the people of Africa.


Image by D Mz from Pixabay

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