Dash Rolls Out Instant Savings Retail App to Boost Adoption 

In an effort to drive crypto adoption in the United States, Dash, an open source cryptocurrency forked from the Bitcoin protocol, has recently launched a retail savings app dubbed DashDirect.

Dash Launches DashDirect Savings App

In its official announcement today, Dash revealed that the new app will allow DASH holders to spend their coins at thousands of retail stores in the U.S.

Users of the app can pay with DASH for exclusive discounts on their everyday purchases at national chain retailers consisting of 155,000 merchant in-store locations and more than 125 online retailers in the country. 

Some of the listed stores include Best Buy, DoorDash, CVS, Lowe’s, Staples, The Home Depot, Autozone, GameStop, Chili’s, Ulta, Chipotle, Subway, and American Eagle to mention a few. 

Dash noted that the app will enable mainstream users to increase their involvement in the crypto industry by allowing them to use their coins in daily shopping.

DashDirect users have the option of including tips when paying for their meals at any of the restaurants that have provided support for the coin.

Saving Capabilities

They can also use the app to purchase digital gift cards for their friends and family and send them instantly via email with a custom message. DashDirect will also allow users to save up to 12% on their purchases while spending their DASH coins.

The project also claims the app is consumer-centric and non-custodial, with an easy-to-use interface that allows users to have total control over their portfolio without involving any third party while keeping track of their spending and saving habits.

Additionally, the discount amounts available will continue to increase as the overall app usage increases. Dash also pointed out that all payments made with the app are programmed to be instant and secure with no waiting and no currency exchange fees.

Dash also said in the announcement that it is initiating a promotion that will reward the top 50 DashDirect users with a $100 app credit on August 31.

The DashDirect app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices and according to the project, users now have a real reason to use crypto instead of only holding it in a wallet as a store of value.

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