Bit2Me Crypto Exchange Introduces a New Suite of Products to Fuel its Global Expansion

The cryptocurrency industry has proven to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in the past decade. The shifting interest of the general public towards cryptocurrencies is evident as the number of new tokens and their respective volumes on exchanges continue to grow at a phenomenal rate. Recent studies place the crypto market’s annual growth rate at around 7.1% in the short term (2026) and a whopping 12.8% by the end of 2030.

The overall industry growth is influenced by technological advancements, enterprise and institutional adoption and the legal status of digital assets across geographies. However, irrespective of these developments, one subsector – crypto exchanges will continue to flourish, thanks to the widespread recognition of cryptocurrencies as a store of value with the potential to deliver huge returns.

As the number of retail and institutional investors continues to grow, so do the exchanges that cater to their diverse needs. Meanwhile, the emergence of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) has made crypto trading a lot easier. As a result, established centralized exchange platforms now feel the need to innovate to stay relevant in the near future. Further, the sudden yet sustained exponential increase in users has pushed their existing infrastructure to its limits.

These factors are a clear signal of changing times and the industry needs to address prevalent issues with improved, user-friendly and inexpensive infrastructure.

Bit2Me Wakes Up Before the Rest

The evolving crypto landscape is not lost to many, and very few have so far come up with a solution to the impending problems. Bit2Me, the regulated Spanish crypto exchange platform, is one such entity that has started to future-proof its infrastructure early on. The platform that came into existence in 2014 has been exploring new approaches, using the latest technologies to build an entire ecosystem around its primary offering. This ecosystem, powered by B2M, includes a whole suite of products and is expected to combat most issues currently plaguing the industry.

Bit2Me Takes the Ecosystem Approach

Bit2Me has adopted the ecosystem approach to ensure end-to-end delivery of solutions to its user base. It offers much-needed simplicity when using crypto services, especially to those new to digital assets. At the same time, those looking for specific solutions can choose from the list of products and services offered as part of the Bit2Me suite to meet their requirements.

This approach ensures that Bit2Me is prepared to adapt to the changing user needs and remain relevant for a long time.

The Bit2Me Suite

The Bit2Me suite includes a range of products designed to cater to the day-to-day needs of a crypto user. The exhaustive but not limited list of products offered as part of the Bit2Me ecosystem includes :

  • Bit2Me Wallet – A multicurrency wallet application to buy, sell, trade and store over 60 different crypto assets
  • Bit2Me Trade – High-frequency trading platform supporting Market, Limit and Stop Limit Orders
  • Bit2Me Pay – A P2P payment solution for fiat and crypto transactions
  • Bit2Me Card – Physical and virtual cards to make crypto payments on PoS and online payment gateways
  • Tikebit –A network of brick-and-mortar shops to purchase cryptocurrencies with cash
  • Bit2Me OTC Desk for high volume transactions
  • Bit2Me Commerce – An online crypto payment gateway for businesses

In addition, the Bit2Me ecosystem also offers community-focused products like Bit2Me Academy for crypto learning, Bit2Me News, Bit2Me TV, directory services, event listings, loyalty programs and a range of on-demand services for the community.

A single thread connects all the products and services offered by Bit2Me in the form of B2M – an ERC20 utility token that acts as the medium for information and value exchange within the ecosystem. With a maximum supply of 5 billion tokens, B2M is currently being offered to the community through a series of token sale rounds. The token can be purchased by individuals and institutions holding cryptocurrencies or interested in dealing with such assets at any later time. By purchasing B2M, they will gain access to various products and services offered by Bit2Me, which could be very useful depending on their requirements. In addition, just like any other crypto asset, B2M holdings can potentially appreciate in the future.

What Makes Bit2Me Stand Apart from the Rest?

While most of the existing crypto ecosystems focus on offering exchange and trading services to users already familiar with digital assets, Bit2Me focuses on becoming the gateway to crypto for the masses. The user-friendly interface combined with a trove of cryptocurrency-related educational materials and step-by-step tutorials on using various platform features makes it easier for anyone to start using it right out of the box.

Meanwhile, as a licensed platform regulated by relevant legislation, Bit2Me offers an added layer of assurance regarding the safety and reliability of its products and services. Bit2Me is one of the few platforms that has continued to evolve with the changing crypto landscape to provide quality services to the global crypto community.

The presence of industry leaders working alongside as a team to turn Bit2Me into a successful exchange platform works in its favor. Bit2Me’s team of advisors include:

  • Zeeshan Feroz – Ex-CEO of Coinbase Europe and advisor to BCB Group & Moonpay
  • Baldomero Falcones – Ex-CEO of MasterCard International, CEO of FCC and Managing Director of Banco Santander
  • Raul Oliveria – Ex Kraken Europe Manager
  • Rodolfo Carpintier — A respected serial entrepreneur and investor whose portfolio includes Tuenti, a Telefonica company.

Bit2Me already has a broad global reach with over a quarter-million customers and more than 13 million wallets. The company has offices in 6 locations, a partner network of over 250 Tikebit retail establishments and 40 million merchants accepting Bit2Me Card payments. These numbers will only grow as the platform introduces new features as a part of the Bit2Me ecosystem.

Bit2Me is in the process of organizing the second round of B2M public sale, which is set to go live next week on Sep 12, 2021, here.

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