Bored Apes Taking the Tron NFT Market by Storm; 75% Sold in Under 24 Hours

Bored Ape Yacht Club enthusiasts are taking the TRON network by storm. Just 24 hours into this minting event, over 75% of Tron-exclusive Apes have already found their owners.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Tron, created by Palmar Labs, seems to be the hottest NFT on TRON network these days. This brand new collection, which follows the steps of the widely popular Ethereum-based project, features a series of 10,000 eye-catching Apes.

Although initially planned for September 5, the team behind this collection had to postpone the event to enable Ape aficionados to mint on the go through mobile devices. That, as it appears, has not discouraged the NFT community from rushing into the primates once reopened. As of this writing, more than 80% were already minted — only 2,000 Apes left.

Tpunks, the first NFT collection to make it on TRON, sold only 600 pieces out of 10,000 in the first 24 hours. And while it took them four months to sell them all, the marketplace activity is having one hell of a ride after TRON founder Justin Sun purchased a Joker Tpunk for $10.5 million last week. For Tronmeebits, the second project to go live in this blockchain, it took about 36 hours to sell 20,000 digital art pieces. Yet, none of these projects managed to launch a marketplace yet.

The BAYCTron collection is among the first five NFT projects to be launched on TRON. And according to team representatives, it will be the second collection to have its own marketplace.

“Our focus was never to launch first. We want it to do it right and, more importantly, ensure that everyone can mint on the go using mobile devices. Also, we are working non-stop to launch our marketplace, which will enable the Bored Ape community to buy, sell, and bid on their favorite assets in a headache-free way,” says Caroline Matusso, CMO of BAYCTron.

BAYCT are TRC721 tokens, the recently implemented standard for non-fungible tokens on Justin Sun’s blockchain. While there are no details as to what types of Apes are available in this collection, the creators did announce that 15 Apes are exclusively dedicated to TRON.

According to their official website, the tokens are all minted randomly and “programmatically generated from 170+ possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and many others.” As for the price, digital collectors can get hold of a Tron-powered Bored Ape for a fixed 1,000 TRX or around $85. And for those looking to form an entire troop, the site does allow users to mint multiple tokens at once.

Bored Ape Yacht Club Tron has already won the support of some prominent figures in the NFT space. Joshuwa Roomsburg, CEO of ChainLeak and one of the world’s leading crypto influencers, has purchased twelve BAYCT Apes earlier today.

I aped in on @BAYCTron! 😂😂😂I got a couple fire ones though. 🔥 #TronNFTs #Tron #TRX#JustinSun #NFT @JustinSunTron

— Joshuwa Roomsburg (@JoshRoomsburg) September 6, 2021

The project has managed to get the attention of thousands of NFT collectors in a couple of days, adding more than 9,000 followers on Twitter and hundreds on Telegram.

“The team behind BAYCTron is highly professional, and we understand the importance of securing the value of our collection on the secondary market. That’s why we’re taking partnerships very seriously. While we cannot disclose any details at this stage, we are exploring partnership opportunities with major NFT curators” Matusso explained.

This exciting minting race can be over in days, hours, or minutes — no one can tell for sure. The company has announced that, at this stage, “three super rare NFTs are still available for minting.” With only a quarter of the supply left, chances to get hold of a valuable asset are rising by the minute — and collectors are not monkeying around.

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