Ethair Market Is Taking on Amazon and eBay in a Move to Revolutionize the World of E-Commerce

Ethair Market Is Taking on Amazon and eBay in a Move to Revolutionize the World of E-Commerce

Ethair Market Is Taking on Amazon and eBay in a Move to Revolutionize the World of E-Commerce

Ethair Market is a next generation online global marketplace where you can trade goods using fiat or cryptocurrency and earn points on every purchase. The marketplace is soon to be launched in the U.S. and Canada, with fiat payments support lined up for 43 more countries. You can earn ETHR tokens now as an early registration reward and future developments such as an NFT marketplace integration are already in the works.

Introducing the Next Generation of eCommerce

Ethair Market ( incorporates the modern technologies that the traditional marketplaces are too afraid to tackle. It gives buyers and sellers an ability to operate with fiat currencies as well as selected cryptocurrencies. The developers have integrated Stripe for fiat payments which will allow the marketplace to support 45 countries, staying complaint with laws and regulations, and expand internationally with ease. At the upcoming launch the system will initially support the U.S. and Canada.

For purchases using cryptocurrencies Ethair Market utilizes an escrow service which increases security on both ends of the spectrum as funds are held by the marketplace while the goods are being delivered. If something goes wrong during the process both parties may try to resolve it themselves or involve Ethair Market to step in and investigate. Escrow service gives both buyer and seller the security that the funds will be rightly deposited on the item’s arrival. Furthermore, it helps sellers deal with fraudulent buyers, deterring them with escrow deposit and keeping the seller safe from unexpected refunds.

Ethair Market Is Taking on Amazon and eBay in a Move to Revolutionize the World of E-Commerce

EthairPay is the proprietary payment processing platform that will allow users to make purchases and sales with cryptocurrency. It currently supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, USDC and Ethair Token. The goal is to update this payment platform to such extent that third parties may seamlessly integrate it with their stores as well as add support for NFTs and Semi-NFTs on different blockchains.

The Points reward system gives points to both buyer and the seller on each successful transaction. These points can be used to decrease the price of future purchases or boost the listed item desirability, as well as to mint ETHR tokens. Ethair Market’s ETHR Token allows for transactions between buyer and the seller without additional transaction fee charges. Fees which are drastically lower than on traditional marketplaces are decreased even further with the Points reward system.

Currently the only way to obtain ETHR token is via early registration, where for limited time users earn 100 ETHR tokens by signing up here. Ethair is also currently running a referral program for a 1 year period where users are able to invite new users to the platform and for every referred user that made a purchase they’ll earn a share of ETHR Token from the Referral Program pool which is based upon the number of Points to ETHR Token conversions.

Ethair Market Is Taking on Amazon and eBay in a Move to Revolutionize the World of E-Commerce

Cheapest Way to Sell Online

If you are an online merchant looking to expand to a new platform that treats you more fairly than the current marketplaces, Ethair Market is the perfect place for you. For starters, Ethair Market has much lower fees than the traditional markets, meaning that everything from Insertion fees to FVF and various listing “upgrades” are lower than most traditional marketplace fees.

With a Market (fixed price items, new items only) and “Buy Offer Bid” (auction items, new or used) selling formats, you are able to sell as a direct checkout as well as auctioning the items. You sell, you choose. On top of traditional marketing schemes, Ethair Market offers unique ways to promote your sales. For example, by adding Points to your listings, you increase desirability with the buyers as they get more rewards for purchasing your items.

The Ethair store manager allows you to easily manage your listings, bulk upload, sync your listings count with your inventory stock and across multiple selling platforms, easily message the sellers, check which sales are pending shipping. Ethair Market also has multiple return policy rules which allow you to select the return rules under your own terms. Additional features allow you to customize your store to your liking, create your own categories and sort items in order to allow buyers to easily find desired items. You can also advertise selected store categories only. And verified sellers even have the ability to edit the store profile’s HTML code.

Ethair Market Is Taking on Amazon and eBay in a Move to Revolutionize the World of E-Commerce

As for future developments, the next big step for Ethair is the implementation of the NFT marketplace. This section is planned to have drastically lower fees, help the buyers and the sellers who are not tech savvy and introduce novelties to the whole system. Semi-NFTs are also on the developers’ radar and the EthairPay payment processor is on track to become compatible with every mintable state, as well as different blockchain smart contracts.

Expansion into warehouse services is also on the list of future developments, as Ethair’s goal is to offer the best from all the traditional marketplaces and provide everything required for any type of seller. Another plan is to include a social media platform (“0xHello”) that would be inter-operable with the marketplace in order to easily create, list and sell NFTs. This would create a new and never seen before branch where influencers could potentially monetize every post they make, sell limited edition digital collections of cards, books and similar items.

To learn more about the project visit and follow the latest developments on Telegram, Discord, Facebook and Twitter.

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