Bitfinex To Roll Out Security Token Offerings (STOs) Platform In Kazakhstan

The new Bitfinex STO trading platform is now ready to operate in Kazakhstan. It will allow investors access the tokenized securities and blockchain-based equities.

Popular Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has announced its plans to launch a trading platform that focuses on STOs (Security Token Offerings).

Bitfinex recently announced that they scheduled the new platform to operate in compliance with Kazakhstan financial laws. This is in line with the provision of (AFSA) Astana Financial Services Authority.

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The Security Token Offerings exchange is also known as Bitfinex Securities Ltd. Its launch is seen as one of the company’s efforts in supporting the growth of the world’s financial industry.

Securities Features And Offerings of Bitfinex

Bitfinex Securities is to run a 24/7 operation similar to others in the digital market. The company deployed technologies that will boost efficiency, reduce transaction costs and enhance the success rate on the platform.

Investors will have the opportunity of accessing an International Security trading market via the STO platform. Interested investors will also have the opportunity of diversifying their portfolios. In addition, the STO will provide them access to varieties of financial products like bonds and equities.

Issuers of the Security tokens take advantage of the platform when they raise capital through the tokenized security offerings. The information was according to an announcement, and the idea was to raise capital.

The Bitfinex Chief Technology Officer stated that the STO exchange seeks to offer a positive contribution. It will assist the trading platform in becoming the best of its kind in the world.

Paolo Ardoino added that Bitfinex Securities Ltd offers a new regulated platform that serves medium-cap and small companies. It targets the ones that are currently underserved by already existing capital markets that are inefficient.

Restricted Countries

Kazakhstan will regulate the exchange. It will allow global investors to trade different tokenized securities publicly.

However, investors in Canada, Switzerland, Australia,  the British Virgin Islands, the United States, Italy, and Venezuela have restrictions. According to the legal statement from Bitfinex, they are not allowed to utilize the platform.

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More so, other countries under the embargo of Iran, Kazakhstan, the United States, and Cuba, etc., are also restricted access.

Rising Demand For Tokenized Securities

A security token is an investment contract representing real-life assets such as digital artwork and real estate.

The popularity of this asset class is increasing among investors, with various crypto-related firms joining the market. These firms offer different tokenized securities.

Traditional financial institutions have noticed the increasing demand for these securities. As a result, they have started issuing their security tokens like other crypto-related companies.

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