GridZoneDAO: The Decentralized Metaverse Is About To Launch

GridZoneDAO is an approach to create a next-gen art-focused Metaverse on Ethereum with unique digital identities, a 3D VR world, and interactive 3D NFT art. It is a place where users connect, interact, play, create and participate in a decentralized economy with profound societal impact.

DAO stands for ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organisation’. Think of it as a digital company that follows procedural rules embedded in code. DAO participants can create and vote on proposals to develop the specific ecosystem further in a community-driven, decentralized way.

Over the end of Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, GridZone will release some of its main features after a long period of work for the GZ developers. Check out in this article what GridZone is about!

GridZone: Metaverse Play-2-Earn (P2E) & Virtual Reality (VR)

Everybody is currently talking about the Metaverse. A lot of projects are emerging but most of them seem to be rather disappointing. There is more to it than just creating a mediocre Metaverse and labeling it as ‘the next big thing’.

The GridZoneDAO, in development for more than two years, aims for a great user experience with unique artworks. The ultimate goal is to create a Metaverse with unique, never-before-seen experiences, outpacing other P2E-projects on the market.

The team contains more than a dozen people and consists of developers, designers, a marketer and community managers. Together they are working hard on making GridZoneDAO a success and showing the world the potential of the Metaverse.

Astro VR Cafe & Racing Game

The Metaverse itself is about connecting people in new ways. As GridZone aims to be one of the first projects to achieve this in a true sense, they developed the ‘Astro Cafe’ and the ‘ZONE RACER’ game. Both aim to bring entertainment and increase community cohesion, and offer participants the chance to earn in-game assets.

Gridzone Meets VR: The Astro Cafe

  • GridZone Virtual Reality Astro Cafe
  • Go with your NYM avatar to the Cafe to meet friends & have a dance
  • Custom art- and fashion-designs

Race Against Your Friends in The Metaverse

  • Alpha/Beta testing phase from 15th December – 15th January
  • Many different cars, three different race tracks in the testing phase
  • Play the ZONE Racing game with your friends or other community members
  • Get your ZONE Ride NFT and customize your racing car

GridZone NFT Artwork: Express Your Digital Self


Your digital identity on GridZone is represented as a ‘NYM’, short for ‘pseudonym’. This NYM NFT is effectively your digital DNA, be it for your own identity or that of a business on the GridZone metaverse.

Your profile page is the ‘NYM HUD’ and gives you access to the many features. You can add any data you like to your profile. Features include a payment service, direct transfer of digital assets, and the NYM Chat.


NFTs are about to change the art world permanently. NFT fashion artworks play a major role at GridZoneDAO. They serve the expression of the NYMs, the digital identities of the metaverse. These can be minted and then made available for auction on the GridZone NFT marketplace.

  • GZF/GZM-NFT wearables can be worn on NYM characters and be used to participate in future events. They were originally issued to early supporters and can be traded on OpenSea. In addition, GridZone merchandise can only be purchased by GZM holders in the future.
  • NYM NFT is a customizable 3D Avatar NFT that is currently still under development. We hope to release this feature in December 2021.
  • GZ NFT-NFT rides and other NFT items can be used in the GridZone racing game. These can be minted towards the end of October.

ZONE Staking & Co. – What Is Next For GridZone?

From the GridZone Roadmap:

  • $ZONE Staking- & Liquidity Bot Launch: Launched today, earn up to 44% APY
  • Discord Quiz: Community Quiz With 2,000 ZONE Prize Pool, 1st December
  • Astro Cafe VR Alpha: 15th December
  • Racing Game Alpha Launch: 1st February

GridZoneDAO sees itself spearheading the metaverse innovation wave that is currently rolling towards us. Previously envisioned concepts of digital identities, avatars in an online ecosystem, can now be realised in a proper way through blockchain and NFT technology.

Here, the user is in the foreground in all respects: Not only do they gain ‘digital freedom’, but they also retain control over their data, while building the world of tomorrow!

Visit the GridZone and see for yourself what the Metaverse of the future looks like!

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