HitBTC Lists Bitcoin Latinum As it Grows in Global Acceptance

HitBTC Lists Bitcoin Latinum As it Grows in Global Acceptance

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Recently, it was announced that the world’s largest crypto exchange in terms of 24-hour volume, Hit Techs Limited, simply known as HitBTC, would list Bitcoin Latinum, LTNM, a next-generation insured asset-backed crypto. 

It was also noted that cryptocurrency was gaining pace and growing around the world in terms of its acceptance. With the use of LTNM, traders will be able to trade crypto pairings such as bitcoin and Tether. 

According to the statement of the company, formal trading is expected to start near the end of December 2021. HitBTC now stands to be the seventh crypto exchange to list LTNM.

Bitcoin Latinum is a Bitcoin-based asset cryptocurrency, which was created by the Monsoon Blockchain Corporation for the Bitcoin Latinum Foundation. The cryptocurrency can handle massive numbers of crypto transactions and in terms of costs and scalability. 

The new listing of the cryptocurrency on the giant exchange such as HitBTC shows exactly how swiftly the cryptocurrency is gaining acceptance and traction in the crypto community around the world. It is known as one of the ground-breaking Bitcoin blockchain-based tokens. 

According to market experts, the new token will manage to empower industries including media, gaming, telecommunications, as well as cloud computing, and others. This is a great example that the following of the Bitcoin Latinum and the community around it is committed to establishing a sustainable decentralized crypto economy. 

The cryptocurrency industry is growing around the world very fast. The interest in the industry has increased dramatically over the past few years and although the industry is yet very much new, it has already enjoyed huge development and changes.

As the popularity of the industry continues to increase around the world, more cryptocurrencies are being developed and adopted by numerous crypto exchanges. Newly established cryptocurrencies are also becoming very popular, very quickly.

The team behind HitBTC said that they were very excited to see how the newly established cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Latinum, was continuing to empower their vision and was becoming so popular around the world. The community of cryptocurrency is huge globally due to the many uses that cryptocurrency can have. 

On the other hand, the team behind Bitcoin Latinum said that they have a strong commitment to making the crypto business more substantial, diversified, and efficient by being listed on reputable crypto exchanges around the world.

Such listings give the cryptocurrency the opportunity for further growth in terms of its popularity. HitBTC is one of the leading crypto exchanges around the world. It is among the top 5 exchanges in terms of the 24-hour volume among over 300 crypto exchanges around the world. 

The inclusive portfolio of the newly-listed crypto LTNM will allow the company to reach an even broader audience in the market who are interested in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, DeFi, in general. 

One of the Most Advanced Exchanges

Established back in 2013 in Chile, HitBTC has become one of the most established and well-developed crypto exchanges in the industry. 

With a team of professional and skilled system analysts and experts, the company has managed to grow very quickly. The exchange lists digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others, including low-capped altcoins that are rarely available on other platforms.

Over the years, the crypto exchange has committed to further growth and development of its services. It is available for both individual traders and corporate firms around the world and has representation and offices in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Singapore. 

With over 500 listed cryptocurrencies and over 1200 trading pairs, there is a lot that this exchange has to offer. There are numerous services available on HitBTC, and as an innovative exchange, the company also offers its clients access to automated trading capabilities.

Automated trading has become very popular over the past few years. It makes the crypto trading market a lot easier for traders of all backgrounds to access. Today, even those with little to no experience in the crypto trading market have the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies. 

The automated trading robots are able to analyze the market in a matter of a few minutes. On the other hand, analyzing the market on your own can take up to several hours. Also, when it comes to market analysis, there is always some type of limitation that humans have on the amount of data that they can analyze in a short time. 

On the other hand, there is no such limitation for crypto robots. In addition, these crypto trading bots are also able to trade cryptocurrencies for you, which makes crypto trading fully automated. 

In fact, HitBTC was one of the first exchanges in the industry to offer traders a fast and reliable platform for automated trading robots. 

While there are no built-in trading robots available on HitBTC, it does allow its clients to connect with trading robots using an API key, which is a safe and secure way of connection. The trading interface of the exchange is very user-friendly, making it very easy to use even for beginner crypto traders.

All in all, HitBTC is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the industry and its recent step to list Bitcoin Latinum is another great offering for its clients.

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