NFT platform Quartz wins the 14th parachain slot on the Kusama network

Decentralized NFT infrastructure network Quartz, as part of Unique Network, has been declared the winner of the 14th parachain slot on the Kusama Network. Quartz raised $23M (54k KSM) from nearly 9,000 global community members through a novel crowdloan approach.

A figure that stands out in the overall crowdloan for this project is the huge community involvement with over 8874 network stakeholders voting with 54,384 $KSM, demonstrating a deep commitment to driving Unique advanced NFT features forward.

The team at Unique Network are developing flexible economic models, scheduled transactions, re-fungibility and nested NFTs. All of the tools an NFT project will need to bring their NFTs to life in the future. 

Quartz also uses the sustainability offered by substrate and Polkadot as a proof of stake network to create sustainable NFTs and partnered with #DigitalArt4Climate to be the only NFT platform featured at COP26 last week. 

During the crowdloan, users deposit their KSM into a digital vault and receive two types of tokens post-launch. Every user that bonded KSM for the project will now be offered rewards in $QTZ and the earlier they participated, the better. They also rewarded unique Chelobrick NFTs to the first 100 crowdloan participants. 

In October, Unique announced that it had raised $11.3 million in their second round of the pre-sale, bringing our total raised to $16 million. They are also the team behind the popular Substrapunks that pay homage to CryptoPunks, with 10,000 unique NFTs and Chelobricks, the future bricklayers of the internet.

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