Global Crypto Regulatory Framework To Be Introduced Soon – Here’s What To Expect

Global Crypto Regulatory Framework To Be Introduced Soon – Here’s What To Expect

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At the recent G20 finance ministers’ meeting in Bengaluru, India, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, expressed the agency’s preference for regulating crypto assets rather than an outright ban. The IMF’s position is consistent with a recent paper recommending global regulatory standards for digital assets.

Regulation of Digital Assets Top Priority

Georgieva stated that regulating the world of digital money is a top priority for the IMF. She emphasized that fully-backed stablecoins create a “reasonably good space for the economy,” while non-backed crypto assets are speculative, high risk, and not money. The IMF’s objective is to differentiate between central bank digital currencies that are backed by the state and publicly-issued crypto assets and stablecoins.

She said that digital assets need space to evolve and have two aspects to them: technology and policy. Policies are being developed for user data protection, consumer protection from risks, and transaction transparency.

The Nuclear Option Remains on the Table

While the IMF prefers regulation over a ban, Georgieva cautioned that the option to ban cryptocurrencies “should not be taken off the table” if they pose a greater risk to financial stability. The IMF, the Financial Stability Board, and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) are jointly preparing regulatory framework guidelines to be released in the second half of the year.

US Treasury Secretary Supports Robust Regulatory Framework

During the G20 meeting, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen emphasized the importance of establishing a robust regulatory framework for crypto assets. However, she also stated that the United States had not proposed any prohibitions on these assets.

Yellen said, “We haven’t suggested outright banning of crypto activities, but it is critical to put in place a strong regulatory framework. We’re working with other governments.”

India Pushes Toward Crypto Bill

The Indian government has been deliberating on drafting a law to regulate or potentially prohibit digital currencies for several years. At the current G20 Presidency, India has asked the IMF and Financial Stability Board (FSB) to collaborate on a technical document concerning crypto assets. While India is pushing for regulation, the Reserve Bank of India remains on the statement “that cryptocurrencies should be banned,” as they are similar to a Ponzi scheme.

Regulation, predictability, and consumer protection are the preferred options for regulating the crypto industry. The nuclear option of an outright ban is not preferred by the IMF or the United States, but it remains on the table. With the IMF, FSB, and BIS working on regulatory framework guidelines, it is expected that a unified and thorough approach to regulating crypto assets will emerge.

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