Coinbase launches campaign to bolster crypto advocacy in US politics

Coinbase announced the launch of Crypto 435 — a grassroots campaign aimed at improving and supporting the crypto advocacy community in ensuring that regulators and legislators make policies that benefit the overall industry.

Crypto 435 intends to build a community of crypto advocates and empower them with tools and resources necessary to influence policy making in the U.S. Additionally, the campaign aims to promote innovation and protect jobs in the crypto industry, as well as enhance awareness and education of crypto for the American populace.

The crypto exchange said that lawmakers and regulators are currently in the process of making decisions that will deeply affect the future of the crypto industry and urged people to engage with the campaign and make their voices heard. Coinbase said:

“We need thoughtful policymaking and smart regulation so that we can continue to advance crypto and web3, and make progress on our mission to increase economic freedom.”

Coinbase will support crypto advocates via the Crypto 435 campaign by providing them with information on how to contact politicians in local districts and data on their stance toward crypto.

Coinbase said that everyone needs to their part to ensure that pro-crypto policies are made in the coming months.

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