AI Can Save Our Society

AI Can Save Our Society


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As in many sectors, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proving to be the solution of the future for a smart society.

Society in which Artificial Intelligence would be used to optimize, for example, the distribution of energy according to needs.

A distribution data analysis that would be done at the local level to reduce energy losses.

Societies where AI could be used to predict important financial movements and anticipate potential economic crises.

This movement towards optimizing our services can also be heard in healthcare.

Medical AI can save our life

Indeed, medical AI is undoubtedly the best path to follow if we want to improve our medical systems and our health in general.

Things that could be done with AI also to provide predictive healthcare or clinical decision support.

Today, the situation is mostly the same, if you compare between different systems: inequality in patient care, increasing costs of care, medical expenses and equipment, and increasingly difficult working conditions for health personnel.

Galeon, combining the blockchain and Medical AI

Galeon has understood all these obstacles to improve healthcare quality.

After an analysis of the market, the Galeon team has simply decided to create the health of tomorrow with a new kind of Electronic Health Record system that structures medical data.

To solve the various problems, it was necessary to combine several innovations in healthcare.

To do this, the team first appropriated blockchain technology in order to develop its own private blockchain for hospitals and the Blockchain Swarm Learning technology.

Thus, Galeon ensures the health data interoperability between different actors, while preserving the security and protection of this data.

Then there is the medical AI that is omnipresent. Galeon is going to be the incarnation of digital health 4.0.

Medical data are structured directly from the Galeon’s caregivers software and data is extracted from connected objects (IoT) to improve medical research.

This data is then trained via the Blockchain Swarm Learning technology, a private blockchain among hospitals that keep the privacy of the patient.

Thanks to machine learning, it is possible to analyze data in a secure, private way and thus predict the health of tomorrow.

Thus, it is through the collaboration of these tools and medical AI, that it is possible to improve the quality of our health systems, to promote personalized medicine and ultimately reduce healthcare costs.

All this, to finally obtain a smart healthcare system.

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