Kaspa, Maker, and Everlodge Are Bullish Right Now, Which Crypto Could 10x?

Kaspa, Maker, and Everlodge Are Bullish Right Now, Which Crypto Could 10x?


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Kaspa, Maker and Everlodge are taking the crypto market by storm. Each project has experienced a dramatic price increase in September, but which has the most potential?

Analysts believe that Kaspa is now achieving the purpose of cryptocurrency by creating decentralized P2P electronic cash. Meanwhile, Maker is surging following a proposal from Steakhouse, which could take Maker to new highs. 

While both projects could surge, Everlodge is expected to offer 10x returns with a revolutionary new crypto application. 

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Everlodge Introduces Travel Property Ownership for Just $100

Although it’s a new project in the market, Everlodge has already caught the attention of crypto analysts and whale investors. Its innovative new technology lets everyday investors purchase a share in travel properties for as little as $100. 

To achieve this, Everlodge breaks down the price of travel properties into fractional NFTs. Each NFT will represent a percentage ownership of the property, allowing investors to get started in the market for less. This application could disrupt the travel property market, currently dominated by individuals who inherited properties. 

Using blockchain technology, Everlodge also simplifies the purchasing process while making all information irrefutable. 

As well as opening up the market to investors, Everlodge also looks to create a community of travel property owners. Individuals can join the Everlodge rewards club, where they can earn free stays at properties throughout the Everlodge ecosystem. These rewards will work like timeshares, allowing Everlodge club members to travel for less. 

Everlodge tokens are currently available for just $0.018 per token. By the time the Everlodge presale finishes, tokens are expected to hit $0.035. Once complete, Everlodge will be listed on several high-profile exchanges, after which ELDG tokens are expected to surge again. 

Maker’s Is Up By 19% In September.

After consecutive price increases throughout September, Maker recently hit an annual high of $1370. Although its value has since dropped to $1,298, Maker’s popularity is rising. Its daily trading volume has increased to $82 million, suggesting that investors are starting to notice Maker’s price rallies. 

In addition to price increases, Maker has received a proposal from Steakhouse, a DAO-focused financial advisory firm. The firm has suggested that Maker invest $100 million into tokenized US treasury bill (T-Bill) products.

Such an investment would provide Maker with low-risk, liquid traditional assets and could drive up the value of Maker further. Since Maker is already known for its innovation, experimenting with T-Bill products could take it to new highs during the next bull market. 

Kaspa Hits a New All Time High

Kaspa is on a significant bull run. The project recently hit a new all-time high of $0.05346, which has gained Kaspa mass media attention. Analysts believe that Kaspa could be more than just another cryptocurrency. This is because Kaspa is the world’s first proof-of-work cryptocurrency with a block rate of one per second. 

Furthermore, Kaspa doesn’t require Layer 2 Solutions to scale. As a result, it could be used for P2P electronic cash– the original plan for Bitcoin when it was first created. With plans to develop smart contracts, Kaspa could become the first decentralized, scalable economy, which has significant implications for the future of finance. 

As a result, experts believe that Kaspa’s value could increase 10x in the future, which has put Kaspa on the radar of many crypto whales.

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