Solana (SOL) Memecoin Slerf Flips Ethereum (ETH) In Trading Volume; Investors Rush To Sign Up To The New Pullix (PLX) Platform

Solana (SOL) Memecoin Slerf Flips Ethereum (ETH) In Trading Volume; Investors Rush To Sign Up To The New Pullix (PLX) Platform


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Sifting through the beehive of activities that are ongoing in the crypto market, trading signals show top crypto projects with massive growth potential. For instance, Slerf (SLERF), a Solana-based meme coin, has been making inroads and is now flipping Ethereum’s trading volume in the first few days of launch. Meanwhile, a record number of investors are rushing to sign up for the new hybrid DEX exchange called Pullix (PLX). Analysts have projected massive adoption of the Pullix exchange in the coming weeks, making the PLX token one of the top crypto coins to buy now. More details below.

Milestones for the Pullix (PLX) Exchange as Project Records Massive Adoption from Crypto Traders

Pullix (PLX) has just started its journey toward providing a hybrid exchange platform where the best features of DEX and CEX exchanges are synergized to create a hybrid exchange. As Pullix ushers in a new website for proper trading, users can now register a demo account to explore the features of the exchange platform. 

Notably, presale investors will now be able to connect their DeFi wallets to claim their PLX coins. The imminent token airdrop also coincides with the listing of $PLX on the CoinMarketCap crypto data aggregator website. What this means is that Pullix is already going mainstream, given that the token was earlier listed on CoinGecko while at the presale. Also, traders can buy/sell the PLX token in Uniswap, BitMart and XT.COM exchange.

With an over 1000% rally in the past few weeks, the Pullix token price is likely to reach $10 before the end of 2024. Meanwhile, traders can trade multiple cryptocurrencies as well as forex, indices, and commodities. Also, there’s a 25% bonus on the first deposit that traders make on the Pullix exchange. Overall, Pullix is an innovative project with massive growth potential.

Slerf (SLERF) Begins Crypto Journey on a High Note

Slerf (SLERF), a Solana-based meme coin, has recorded a significant price uptrend and market activity in the first few days after launch. While Slerf’s airdrop was delayed due to discrepancies in the airdrop address from developers, the token still recorded massive market activity.

At a point after launch, Slerf’s trading volume surpassed that of some top crypto projects like Ethereum, having amassed a whopping $1.7B in market activities. While Slerf’s trading volume has since declined toward the $1B average, the growth potential of Slerf remains bullish. 

Solana (SOL) Consolidates on Bull Run 

The price of Solana (SOL) has maintained its journey on the path of bullishness. As shown in the market chart, Solana has generated over 79% within the last month. Notably, Solana’s price has gained up to 700% within the last 12 months. 

While the Solana token price briefly surpassed the $200 mark, it has since retraced below the $185 mark. Nonetheless, experts believe that Solana will soon establish support above the $200 mark in Q2.

Ethereum (ETH) Fails to Maintain Support Above $4,000, Remains Bullish Nonetheless

The Ethereum (ETH) price reached the $4,000 mark last week for the first time since December 2021. However, Ethereum couldn’t maintain the lofty price point and has since fallen below the $3,500 mark. 

Nonetheless, Ethereum is among the top crypto coin gainers, having seen a growth of over 93% in a year-to-date price metric. While the Ethereum trading volume has been fluctuating, experts reckon that the token is likely to trigger another round of significant rallies in the coming weeks.

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