Upcoming LayerZero Airdrop: How to Maximise Your Chances

Upcoming LayerZero Airdrop: How to Maximise Your Chances


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Take part in the exciting LayerZero airdrop and engage with LayerZero-powered protocols to potentially increase your chances of receiving an allocation.

Discover LayerZero

The blockchain space is growing and evolving faster than ever before, which has enormous benefits; options are always good to have. However, with leaders and veterans like Ethereum, Avalanche and Solana, and rising stars like Base and Blast, there’s a challenge: fragmented liquidity and confining users within isolated chain ecosystems.

LayerZero emerges as the game-changer. This interoperable powerhouse is designed to seamlessly connect blockchains, ensuring smooth cross-chain transactions with its unique Relayer and Oracle model.

With huge names like a16z, Sequoia and Coinbase Ventures backing it, LayerZero’s $120 million raise at a $3 billion valuation speaks volumes. Partnerships with giants like Uniswap and TraderJoe further solidify its impact.

A LayerZero Token Airdrop is almost certainly coming. While there is no absolute confirmation just yet, this guide is your key to being airdrop-ready, ensuring you’re in the perfect position to receive this exciting token distribution.

Essential Insights:

LayerZero is a groundbreaking omnichain interoperability protocol that revolutionises cross-chain communication with its innovative Relayer and Oracle architecture.

Expanding Ecosystem: LayerZero’s technology is the backbone of flourishing protocols like Core, MetaZero, Stargate and Holograph, showcasing a rapidly growing ecosystem.

The Bigger Picture: As LayerZero’s ecosystem grows, the much anticipated ZRO token launch edges closer to reality – an event not to be missed.

Improve Your Eligibility

If we examine previous airdrops, including Arbitrum, Optimism, and Aptos, it would be wise to believe that increased interaction with protocols built on or utilising the tech behind LayerZero can vastly improve your chances of receiving an airdrop. Check out our tips and recommendations below to tip the odds in your favour. 

Join the LayerZero Community

The first and most obvious step to increase your airdrop chances is to become an active member of the LayerZero community; this is often a prerequisite for eligibility. To do this, head to https://discord-layerzero.netlify.app/discord and click on ‘I’m not a robot’.

Monitoring Discord server activity is achieved through several methods, including interaction with the community and its members, contribution analysis by moderators in terms of answering questions and helping other members, and much more. These methods strengthen a project’s ability to build a robust and knowledgeable community, contributing directly towards the growth and success of the project.

Interact with LayerZero Protocols

Several projects and protocols are built on or utilising LayerZero’s omnichain technology, including Stargate, MetaZero, Radiant Capital, Trader Joe and many more. It is widely believed that on-chain interactions with the projects within the LayerZero ecosystem are the most likely method of increasing the likelihood of receiving an allocation of $ZRO in an upcoming airdrop and increasing a user’s allocation. 

While it must be mentioned this is unconfirmed, here is a guide on how to strengthen your position by engaging with the ecosystem.


Stargate Finance is one of the leading platforms on LayerZero, positioned as a bridging platform developed using LayerZero’s interoperability technology. Stargate’s tech enables the secure movement of assets across chains in their original form, with transfers having instant guaranteed finality; a transfer submitted on the source chain is guaranteed on the destination.


MetaZero is an innovative and much-hyped synthetic liquidity layer protocol focussed on tokenising web2 gaming assets like Counter-Strike 2 skins, and bringing them on-chain as an ONFT (Omnichain NFT) utilising LayerZero technology. The key component of the MetaZero ecosystem, Vortex – the asset tokenisation protocol – is currently live on Private Beta, allowing Genesis ONFT holders to test the tokenisation of CS2 skins into ONFT form. Given the sheer value of the traditional gaming skins market, MetaZero has the potential to bring billions of dollars of value into the blockchain sphere. 

Due to their unique utilisation of the MayerZero protocol, it is believed that the LayerZero team are preparing and publishing a case study on MetaZero and how it has integrated the underlying tech in the omnichain messaging protocol.

Trader Joe

A familiar name to most in the blockchain space due to its position as one of the better-known DEXes on Avalanche, Trader Joe has since expanded cross-chain into Arbitrum and BNB Smartchain. The popular DEX operates with a community-first approach and prioritises innovation, speed and safety.


Holograph is a LayerZero project aimed at simplifying cross-chain communication. Holograph’s mission is to bring all the world’s assets on-chain. They aim to achieve this with holographic assets, which are fungible and non-fungible tokens that exist natively on any public or private blockchain.

Holograph can be used to represent any variety of digital assets. Holograph allows issuers the flexibility to customize asset functionality to meet the needs of their customers.


Core is at the heart of LayerZero, and its development is central to the protocol’s success. Engaging with Core may prove advantageous for those seeking to receive airdropped tokens.

The Core Bridge, powered by LayerZero, enables seamless asset transfers between Core and the world of blockchains.

The Core bridge will initially use a mixture of native OFT assets and wrapped assets for day 1 liquidity. For wrapped assets, it will quickly switch to transferring native assets to Core as soon as possible. Initial support will be around USDC, USDT and WETH.

Increase Eligibility through Activity

In short, when LayerZero launches its native token, ZRO, there will be an airdrop, rewarding platform users and marketing the newly launched coin to increase its user base.

While the platform has yet to confirm the exact qualifications for their airdrop, interaction with platforms and protocols – the above listed and more – utilising LayerZero technology has long been believed to be the best method to give users a strategic advantage in terms of increased likelihood of becoming a ZRO airdrop recipient. 

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