LATOKEN lists YouEngine, SurfEx, ASOBI, & XENON

LATOKEN lists YouEngine, SurfEx, ASOBI, & XENON

This week LATOKEN added Decred and Ravencoin, that are top 50 coins by CMC, and launched YouEngine and SurfEx IEOs, listed ASOBI, and made the pre announcement for listing XENON on May 13th. We are excited to welcome newcomers and expect you to enjoy trading.


YouEngine (YOUC)

YouEngine IEO has started on LATOKEN!

YouEngine is a decentralized advertising platform that potentially connects 200 million advertisers & businesses with 4 billion users who are paid to watch ads and is believed by its own active community of thousands subscribers at the very start. YOUC token (ERC20) will allow users from all over the world to get paid in a fast, cheap and secure way. All users’ personal data stay on their smartphones due to decentralization. The YOUniverse helps advertisers connect with users in the world’s largest direct-to-consumer advertising platform.

SurfEx (SURF)

The SurfEx exchange team as long with the London-based Mercuriex Cryptocurrency Exchange partners have been operating since 2017 and forming strategic partnerships with companies recognized in the industry. These partnerships will allow them to quickly expand to a broader global community. The SurfEx IEO ends on May 9th.



Now, ASOBI (ABX) is listed on the LATOKEN platform so that anyone can start trading!

ASOBI is the world’s first second-hand market for digital data contents. Buy and sell your game items and e-books. Various contents such as Japanese comics, novels, magazines and photo books. Trade safe eternally with blockchain technology at the digital content platform. You can also exchange ABX to in game credits.


Get ready for the upcoming listing of XENON (XEN) on LATOKEN.

XENON is a platform for music copyright holders and buyers, and the Xenon Music Stories. Within the Xenon ecosystem, copyright holders and performers can get lucrative music sales with a distributor fee lower than 40% than the current market. Listing is scheduled on May 13th.

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