LATOKEN lists KingCasino, Beer Money, MegaLTR, and Krios

LATOKEN lists KingCasino, Beer Money, MegaLTR, and Krios

We are excited to announce KingCasino, Beer Money, MegaLTR, and Krios who have joined our platform — these projects have valuable ideas and strong communities. We prioritise adding high-promising coins to our infrastructure to strengthen ourselves as the leading IEO platform and provide users with the most meaningful newcomers.


KingCasino (KCT)

Launch of the 3rd round of IEO. Only 3 million KCT will be available for sale during this round for 1.5 USDT is a licensed cryptocurrency online casino registered in Curacao, offering a collection of over 1,000 high-quality slot games and all well-known casino games such as Blackjack, Poker, Slots, and Baccarat plus Sports Betting and much more. According to the project, is the first online casino in the world to issue security tokens — KCT.


Beer Money (BEER)

Cutting-edge technology, traceability, micropayments, tokenization, craft beer, all gathered in a business model that is scalable and sustainable over time. Blockchain technology is implemented in the beer production process to realize its traceability. The BEER token is intended to be used as a means of payment in the beer industry along with the beer wallet as your best ally.

Craft beer generates income since it has a distribution chain to the public. Also, Beer Money will soon have the bmc bars, which will also generate income from the consumption of customers in the establishment. The team focuses on developing the app with a powerful directory of beers, where consumers can buy the products, thereby increasing the project’s sustainability and its liquidity in the market. Especially nowadays.


Now, people can buy lotteries wherever they live without contacting the lottery office to fulfill some procedures in order to receive the prize. MegaLTR selects lottery prizes based on randomness, transparency, prestige, the structure of the prize, the number of players, etc. It applies blockchain technology to buy tickets and receive rewards via smart contracts. Thereby, players will have two options: buy tickets using USD or using MLR tokens.

There is a part of the population with the great demand for lottery, especially the major and prestigious lottery prizes with attractive jackpot such as Megamillions; Powerball (USA), which are introduced by MegaLTR.

Krios (GIG)

Krios is a platform connecting employers and freelancers by allowing them to post job offerings or hire talented employees from around the world. The project aims to be the world’s leading freelancer and influencer platform. By 2021, it claims to make up over 15% of the industry.

Krios token (GIG) is based on the facts of having a real brick and mortar business behind the token, providing a profit share to holders in ETH. Krios is taking advantage of Ethereum’s smart contract standards to provide all parties involved in advertising campaigns with a fair, transparent, cheap and quick way to coordinate and execute transactions.

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