Inside DeFi and crypto builders with SwissBorg CEO Cyrus Fazel

Peek inside the crypto world and you’d find a lot of billionaires, cryptonaires, and everything in between. A lot of people seem to have ‘made it’ in the space: Some got lucky, some come from connections, while some even happened to be at the right place at the right time.

But dig deeper, and you’ll find legions of individuals who worked hard, created groundbreaking products and technology, and built value in order to reach the coveted ‘make it’ level.

Cyrus Fazel is one such individual. From studying in France to finding himself in a wealth management position in top companies many years (and tears and sweats) after, Cyrus saw he could build for and benefit billions of people around the world with crypto products.

This culminated into SwissBorg, the blockchain-based investment app that makes crypto investing simple, accessible, and available to all. The firm was founded in 2017 and is now valued at over $920 million—even becoming a ‘top 100’ crypto earlier this year.

Like with all entrepreneurs, there are stories and insights. And bringing those to you today, is Alex Fazel, the charming host of crypto edutainment channel Cryptonites and…you guessed, Cyrus’ sibling.

The crypto bros Alex Fazel (L) and Cyrus Fazel (R). Image: Cryptonites.

The brothers discussed, among many topics, how yield farming and decentralized finance (DeFi) apps were taking over the financial space and the multitudes of potential they present in today’s world.

Here’s a glimpse into what they spoke about.

Building in crypto, for crypto

For Cyrus, the success of SwissBorg, and the drive to keep delivering everyday comes from the community of dedicated users themselves. “There’s people fueling us on a daily basis, not just using our app, but literally having that spiritual connection of realising a dream for the greater good of the planet or for their family and really trying to change finance,” he shared.

“Finance could be fair, finance could be committee centric, and we’re proving it on a daily basis,” Cyrus said.

And while he loves the positive, thankful messages sent by users, Cyrus says ‘haters’ happen to inspire as well, “Thanks to haters, from bosses that were lousy and told me that you’re never gonna make it, from teachers back when I was a kid. They said you’re never gonna study, you’re not going to do this.”

The SwissBorg token

The SwissBorg token (CHSB), says Cyrus, is much, much more integrative with the firm’s app and product suite, unlike other tokens on the market that promise the world but provide intrinsically zero value.

“I’m trying to always get something better and making sure that the CHSB token is the heart of the ecosystem. I don’t see any other token, to be honest, that has so much utility today,” he shared.

“We have staking mechanism, we have governance. And we were actually really using it in different ways, such as sustainable yield farming. It’s really something different.”

But he reminds the app has not yet reached its full potential. “It’s only the early beginning…The more the token is being used, the more the token is being staked, the more the token is being loved, obviously helps all of us within the ecosystem to share great time with us,” he noted.

SwissBorg’s app has several ‘strategies’ and yield farms in place that users can access based on their holdings and personal risk levels. 

Its ‘smart yield’ products are specifically designed to hunt for yield across uncorrelated assets, meaning that if the market were to fall and things were to go awry, there would still be automatic reallocation of funds.

It’s why Cyrus suggests investing in ‘low risk’ strategies on the side. “There’s a DeFi altcoin season right now, that’s going very well. But that could change as well going forward. So you have to have your eyes on the ball all the time,” he shared.

(Catch the life of Cyrus before crypto, his journey, his insights on yield farming, ICOs, DeFi, and much, much more in the latest episode of Cryptonites, available for free streaming in its entirety right below!)

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