Manchester City’s Digital Lineup Introduced the $City Token!

Things in the world of soccer have become increasingly interesting over the past few months.

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If you are a fan of the Manchester City Football Club, then you will appreciate the new and innovative layer of digital engagement (that has only recently been introduced) to offer registered fans access to exciting privileges.

While partnerships between football clubs and tokenization platforms are not particularly new (especially during the pandemic), it is interesting to see and speculate what the future of this token holds, because of the sheer popularity and influence of Manchester City Football Club.

What Do I Need to Know About the $City Token?

With football events postponed and standard fan engagement with their favorite football clubs on hold, Manchester City has decided to focus on leveraging the power of the digital realm of cryptocurrency to keep things interesting and enticing. Manchester City has partnered with Socios (fan influence and rewards application) to release the $CITY token that gives registered fans of the official Manchester City Football Club access to VIP rewards, club promotions, AR-enabled features, and a chance to vote on the club’s polls!

It is not unreasonable to speculate that this blockchain-based partnership between Manchester City and Socios will have a transformative effect on globally unifying Manchester City Football Club fans located across the world. Plus, all registered fans will be rewarded with one free $CITY token to help them get started with this new cryptocurrency.

What Can I Do With the $City Token?

Apart from using the $CITY token to take advantage of above-mentioned privileges available on the Socios application, you can also use it like any other cryptocurrency. It can be traded and used to get your hands on goods and services, much like other cryptocurrencies.

The Manchester City Football Club has already been recognized as being the most innovative sports team, so if you are in possession of the $CITY token, then you can expect more features to be added in the near future. Once social distancing restrictions are no longer in effect, it is anticipated that tokens will have real-life rewards and experiences attached to them.

The $CITY token can currently be bought using the application. However, if you are a registered fan, then you can use the voucher code sent to you to avail your free token.

What About the Blockchain Mini-Game Collectibles?

As part of their plan to expand their digital lineup, the Manchester City Football Club has partnered with Animoca to release their blockchain mini-game collectibles. However, note that the Animoca goodies will be non-fungible. These are one-of-a-kind assets that can be bought and sold like all other assets, except that they are completely unique. No two Animoca token collectibles are the same. Most of such tokens are part of the Ethereum blockchain.

However, they are designed to be slightly more unique using extra information. Plus, they cannot be counterfeited and their value is based on their virtual scarcity. Manchester City Football Club seeks to revolutionize how fans engage with it.

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