Cardano Network Garners Huge Surge In Developers Interest

The Cardano price has shown a lack of momentum from buyers, resulting in a breakdown of a key support level. Now, as blockchain data shows a bleak future for ADA, a continuation of this momentum is possible.

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However, there has been a significant surge in the Developer interest shown for the Cardano network.

The Marketing and Communications Director at Input Output Global, Tim Harrison put out Job calls for the posts of Data Engineer, Consulting lead, Java Consultant, Solutions Architect, and other positions. 

Tim Harrison took to Twitter to tell about the growing developer’s interest.

“As we draw ever closer to rolling out #smartcontracts on #Cardano, we’re seeing a HUGE spike in developer interest. Exciting times. So we’re building a new dedicated team to help properly serve this fast-growing community &help bring them on board.”

According to Harrison, the applicants would have the opportunity to join a new “dedicated squad.” that will work towards helping Cardano’s flourishing community.

As the platform reaches its third Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) event, “Alonzo,” IOG’s new team will assist in bringing Cardano’s users “on board.” Alonzo will incorporate Cardano’s smart contract platform Plutus, tentatively by Q3 2021.

Some Musings about the Roadmap

The Founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson in a new video on his YouTube channel gives some insights about the plans for the network going further. The video was titled Some Musings about the Roadmap.

In the video he says, the Cardano developers are working on resolving the scalability problem and Cardano’s solution to it, he would only focus on it once the Alonzo update is complete. Following the completion of the Goguen update, the Cardano roadmap will move on to the scalability process. 

At the time of writing, Cardano is trading at $1.19 with a market cap of $38.20B.

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