This is Why Cardano Has Seen a “Huge” Spike in Developer Interest

This is Why Cardano Has Seen a “Huge” Spike in Developer Interest

Tim Harrison, Marketing and Communications Director at Input Output Global (IOG), Cardano’s developer company, published a job advertisement for a Data Engineer, Consulting Lead, Java Consultant, Solutions Architect, and other positions at this company.

The applicants will have the opportunity to, according to Harrison, become part of a new “dedicated team”. Their objective will be to support Cardano’s growing community.

In addition, IOG’s new team will help brim Cardano’s user “on board” as the platform approaches its third Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) event “Alonzo”. With a tentative deployment date set for Q3, 2021, Alonzo will integrate Cardano’s smart contract platform Plutus.

Harrison said the network is currently experiencing an increase in developer’s interest:

As we draw ever closer to rolling out #smartcontracts on #Cardano, we’re seeing a HUGE spike in developer interest. Exciting times. So we’re building a new dedicated team to help properly serve this fast-growing community & help bring them on board.

Per IOG’s announcement, Cardano’s developer has around 300 employees. Distributed in over 50 countries around the world, the company claims to embrace different cultures and people. The company states the following:

We aim to make collaboration between diverse people fun, exciting, and always rewarding. Many companies say they ‘think outside the box’ – for IO Global it’s more, ‘we think outside the geography’.

IOG doubles down on Cardano’s Ouroboros Omega

Alonzo is the last of 3 HFC, IOG began to implement them and Cardano’s smart contract capabilities with “Allegra” back in 2020. Later, “Mary” was rollout along with the platform’s native tokens functionality.

When Plutus goes live on the mainnet, IOG and Cardano’s community will achieve an important milestone. The smart contracts will expand the network’s use cases and could bring a new wave of users and developers seeking to leverage its features.

After, as Cardano’s inventor Charles Hoskinson stated, the company will focus on developing Ouroboros Omega. Hoskinson revealed via his Twitter handle on April 18th, an additional $1.5 million for this project’s budget. Therefore, its development and delivery will be accelerated.

Ouroboros Omega will be the improved version of Cardano’s current consensus mechanism. Little has been revealed on the update, but it could give this network more security, fast finality, more throughput, and scalability.

ADA is trading at $1,24 with 2.7% losses in the daily chart. In the weekly and monthly chart, ADA has 1.9% and 4.7% losses.

ADA with small losses in the weekly chart. Source: ADAUSDT Tradingview

Trader Justin Bennet expects ADA’s price to see a similar price action as in August 2020. At that moment, the cryptocurrency when through a correction and took enough impulse to reach its current price, as shown in the chart below.

Cardano ADA
Source: Justin Bennett

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