Unicrypt Introduces Network Decentralized Launchpad for Easier Project Presales


As the DeFi space continues to boom, plenty of teams are looking to build sufficient infrastructure to accommodate the growing user base.

In late 2020, a new crypto project Unicrypt was introduced into the crypto space. The idea behind the platform’s launch was to create a self-sustainable launchpad platform. This would help many upcoming projects hit the mainstream and garner a community behind them.

Later, Unicrypt released its website for providing the launchpad services. In addition to the web page, the team released a native token UNC, to power the network.

However, Unicrypt, in early 2021 launched a new dual token system using UNCX and UNCL tokens.
Both UNCX and UNCL tokens are vital in the Unicrypt network, but the former is the native currency. UNCX is a deflationary token due to the burning policies instituted by Unicrypt. Its counterpart, the UNCL, is an inflationary token.

Both of them are currently critical for people who want to participate in any presale rounds on Unicrypt. Recently, the project revised the number of UNCX tokens required to participate in presales. Initially, the minimum requirement was 4 UNCX, but the number was changed to 3 UNCX and 50 UNCL.

The Power of a Decentralized Launchpad

Unicrypt has a decentralized launchpad with features distinct from the currently prevailing centralized launchpads. Currently, most such platforms are centralized, meaning that a small group of people control the project’s fate on the launchpad.

These tend to have many entry barriers, including project discrimination. However, the decentralized launchpad introduced by Unicrypt will help many teams launch their products. It does not discriminate against projects; as they are not required to apply for listings. Unicrypt implant algorithms in the platform to automate all processes, thus, anyone can launch an ILO.

The Unicrypt network provides a button on the ILO page, allowing users to launch their token sales quickly. Already, platforms like Graphlinq, Savix, Collective, NEXT, and Oracle base have successfully done so. Their web page currently displays the upcoming, ongoing, successful, and failed ILO’s to increase transparency.


Soon, the Unicrypt team is planning to go public and provide better services. These would include token vesting, token minting, and other tools that are under development and will be released soon. All of the above could spell a bright future for the platform, so long as the DeFi space continues to expand.

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