DAO1 Hackthon Targets African Blockchain Devs

DAO1 Hackthon Targets African Blockchain Devs

DAO1 Hackthon Targets African Blockchain Devs

As part of an initiative that seeks to build the crypto and blockchain space talent base, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO1), a community-led protocol, will be holding a major collaborative computer programming or a hackathon. Organizers are hoping this event will help to create a buzz about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

To understand more about the hackathon, Bitcoin.com News’ columnist Terence Zimwara reached out to Leo Gordon, the Chief Strategist at DAO1. Below are Gordon’s responses to a set of written questions.

Terence Zimwara (TZ): Could you start by explaining what the DAO1 Hackathon is all about?

Leo Gordon (LG): The DAO1 hackathon is an initiative to promote innovation in the crypto space. We encourage the community to submit their next big product ideas and even work on them, while we provide them with the necessary resources to turn such ideas into reality. The DAO1 hackathon is more of an outreach program with incentives for participants.

They will be able to put their idea to the test by creating a proof of concept and submitting this for evaluation. These submissions will be reviewed by experts who will also provide valuable feedback that would go a long way in helping the participants develop a more viable product in the future. The best entries will receive rewards and the Hackathon panel will extend an offer to eligible participants to join the DAO1 incubator program.

TZ: What sort of rewards are you going to give to applicants with the best entries?

LG: The participants with the top three entries will all be enrolled in the first DAO1 Incubation program. The Top 3 winning projects will also receive the following:

  • Sponsorship for the project
  • expert technical, and non-technical mentorship
  • financing for the seed round
  • assistance for launching in the market on a launchpad – terms & conditions apply

TZ: When is this hackathon?

LG: This first edition of the DAO1 Community hackathon will run from June 18 to July 2, 2021.

TZ: Who is eligible to participate in this hackathon?

LG: The entire crypto and tech community. Anyone who thinks they have an innovative idea that could solve real-world challenges using blockchain technology. And yes, there should be at least one person in a team with enough tech skills to build the product, or at least the PoC. However, we are encouraging African Devs to get involved in the Hackathon.

TZ: Why are you encouraging more African Devs to come on board?

LG: We strongly believe that Africa is underrepresented within the Blockchain space, and for this reason, we are using our platform to enable more developers from the continent to get involved in the space. In addition, our platform will play its part in encouraging African devs to build blockchain solutions to local problems.

TZ: As you already know, many hackathons have been held in the past. So tell us, what is it you want to achieve with this particular hackathon?

LG: We are aiming to foster innovation in the blockchain sector by encouraging projects with real-world applications. We think it is high time we bridged the gap between decentralized and traditional solutions and the hackathon is one way to find people with ideas to do just that. The hackathon is just the stepping stone for our incubator program.

Crypto startups and venture funds and even future partnerships with other industry players will provide the necessary support for the select few to turn their idea into a full-fledged business.

TZ: Should we expect more of this from DAO1 in the future?

LG: Yes, DAO1 will frequently conduct hackathons. While the initial events are of the online format, once the pandemic recedes we will be holding these events in different locations, in the real physical world.

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