Ethernity CLOUD Sells 90% of Presale Tokens in 9 Hours

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Ethernity CLOUD, a platform that leverages blockchain technology to build a decentralized ecosystem, allowing regular cloud software to be run as cloud-based dApps, has sold off 90% of its available Presale tokens in 9 hours during their presale. The remaining 10% sold out early the next morning.

The entire Presale has been sold out in full in about 25 hours. According to the team, the community support was significant as the minimum investment package was set at $5,000.

This comes following a string of positive news and important developments for the project. Days ago, Ethernity CLOUD revealed that they’ve entered a partnership with the Bank of Memories and the Institute for Internet Security.

In essence, the team works on building a fair ecosystem where everyone has fully protected rights to privacy and integrity – these are guaranteed by the blockchain technology itself. The data is protected from third-party cloud providers which ensures decentralized and private operations.

Through the ecosystem, users are able to run cloud computing activities over a decentralized network while also maintaining total control over their anonymity, confidentiality, and reproducibility of the process. The operation is low cost, making it available to a large number of participants.

The project is also committed to use open-source and widespread technologies in aims of increasing the technology adoption rates and also provide a strong and stable foundation. The decentralized cloud applications which run on Ethernity CLOUD are based on traditional cloud applications and software. However, they aim to make the transition to the decentralized cloud as smooth as possible, enabling cloud computing business users, developers, and even enthusiasts to easily join the network.

The CEO and founder of the project is Iosif Peterfi – an expert with over 20 years in the fields of tech infrastructure, having worked at the US Department of Defense as well.

About Ethernity CLOUD

Ethernity CLOUD is a project, seeking to build a fair ecosystem for users to protect their right to confidentiality of data, while ensuring their integrity through blockchain-based technology. The team works to build a platform, leveraging DLT to build a decentralized ecosystem, allowing regular cloud software to be run as cloud-based decentralized applications.

For more information about Ethernity CLOUD – read more here.

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